3 Questions You Must Answer For Successful Weight Loss

Everything you do in this or any fitness program is driven by your goals. More to the point, your the likelihood of you succeeding in your program will be driven by how passionate you are about your goals.

So your goals are where we start.

Maybe you know what you want to achieve in this program or maybe you're not really sure, either way I'm going to ask you to answer 3 questions and think about your goals in a different, deeper way.

We all know the statistics. Most people who join a gym or start a fitness program quit long before they reach their goals. Most people who lose weight, gain it back time and time again (the "weight loss "yo-yo").

Why do most people not get the results the want from their program? Why do people lose weight only to gain it back time and time again?

Many of our clients have the goal to lose weight. And many of them have lost weight. And gained it back again. Why? Is there something wrong with them? (No) Is there something wrong with the program they are following? (Possibly, but that's not the root cause!)

I contend that the goal of losing weight is simply not important enough to excite you emotionally. And excitement about your goals, passion, is critical for you to consistently do what you know you need to do.

What you need to know is why. Why you're willing to get up earlier than all your friends. Why you're willing to exercise light discipline in your nutrition program. Why you have made the commitment to pursuing lifelong health and fitness and reaping all the performance and appearance benefits that come with the pursuit.

The answers lie somewhere in the "3 Questions You Must Answer For Success." I can't overstate how important it is to know the answers to these questions, so please spend some time on this.

Ready? Take out a sheet of paper and answer these 3 questions

1. What are your goals?

The answers to these should come pretty easily so try not to dwell too long at this point.

Now on to the next level...

2. What are the goals of your goals?

How will your life change when you reach the goals you set in the first question? What will be better?

This will take you a while longer, maybe a lot longer. Do your best with this one.

Think you've got it? Let's work to the next level.

3. What are the goals of the goals of your goals?

Here you are seeking the deeply rooted emotional reasons you want your life to improve by reaching your goals. It is here you will find the "Big Why" which will keep you going every day.

Working down three levels will take you a while. But there is a lot of value to be mined here so spend some time on it.

My experience with our clients is most people want to be told what they should eat and how they should workout. And these questions are important. And we provide the answers in our Group Training Program.

But starting with the process of "What to do" before we know "Where we're going" is one of the reasons we struggle to enjoy the health, fitness and body type we want.

Unless we know the destination, especially at the third level, the process you follow really doesn't matter.

Spend time today discovering what you really want to achieve. It may be difficult, but people who know where they are going are far more likely to take the action needed to get there.