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“The Fitness Industry Has Misled Us.”


That simple statement is why I decided to create Brandon Fitness Camp. You see the “Big Box Gyms” are quite happy to take your money every month and leave you on your own to try and get the results you want. And the late night infomercials are chock full of potions, pills and gadgets which also leave you on your own and may or may not work at all.

All of it is based on one truth the Fitness Industry knows. When these options fail to work, you will blame yourself. And then you’ll try something else. And something else again. Each time you try something else you end up spending more money.


But you are not to blame.


The Fitness Industry is.


Brandon Fitness Camp is based on 4 simple ideas.


1. Human beings are built to enjoy life long health and fitness. We are genetically programmed to function optimally throughout our lives. It is your birthright to be healthy, lean and fit.

2. Achieving your goals means more than just "working out." You need the right combination of unshakeable belief in yourself, sound nutrition and the correct amounts of exercise to unlock your genetic potential. In short, great teaching is gold. You will learn and progress faster when things are explained clearly.

3. More is not always better. Allow me to explain this. The ability to do more repetitions of an exercise is a worthy goal. But if your technique suffers as you do more reps, you get less and less of the benefit from each repetition of the exercise. If this happens, you may be wasting much of your effort.

That’s why at Brandon Fitness Camp we have multiple levels of each movement we use. We will challenge you to progress to the next level, but never at the expense of excellent technique.

4. Being an athlete is not your life. While you have the same body as an athlete you don't have (or need) the time to train like one. You have a job and family obligations. You aren’t dedicating your life to training. You are fitting your training into your life. That’s why I designed the Brandon Fitness Camp program around 30 minute training sessions. Let’s face it. Anyone can fit 3 30 minute training sessions into his or her weekly schedule.


Bringing these four ideas together is what makes Brandon Fitness Camp different. None of the four ideas by themselves promises the great results they deliver when combined.

Our program is about you achieving your goals. Our programs are tailored to meet you at your current fitness level and help you progress from there.

I encourage you to discover the power of my system for yourself. Click here to Try our 14 Day "Fat Loss Inferno Program."

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